Decision Processes Track

The Decision Processes track establishes rigorous scientific foundations for describing, predicting, and improving the processes through which individuals and groups collect data and information, form judgments and make decisions. The program examines descriptive theories and empirical research on human behavior that identify systematic biases in judgment and heuristics or rules of thumb that individuals and groups use to cope with complex decision making and negotiations environments. It also examines ways that individuals and groups can make better decisions given their biases and information processing limitations.

The DP track includes OPIM 101 (unless exempt), two foundation courses and two electives.

Foundation courses:

OPIM 290 Decision Processes
OPIM 291 Negotiations

Electives (choose two):

OPIM 220 Introduction to Operations Management
OPIM 261 Risk Analysis and Environmental Management
OPIM 292 Advanced Negotiation
OPIM 299x Judgment and Decision Making Research Immersion
OPIM 319 Agents, Games and Evolution
OPIM 321 Management Science
OPIM 469 Advanced Topics in Information Strategy and Economics
MKTG 211 Consumer Behavior
PSYCH 253 Thinking and Decisions
PSYCH 265 Behavioral Economics in Psychology

OPIM Undergraduate Coordinator: Monique Guignard-Spielberg — 569 JMHH — 215-898-8235 —