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Fall 2020 Online Seminars

Date Presenter Title
Wednesday, September 2
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Gautam Kamath – University of Waterloo CoinPress: Practical Private Point Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Wednesday, September 9
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Ryan Adams – Princeton University Some New Ideas for Unbiased Gradient Estimation in Optimization
Wednesday, September 16
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Lorin Crawford – Brown University Multi-scale Inference of Genetic Trait Architecture using Biologically Annotated Neural Networks
Berkeley – Penn Joint Seminar
Wednesday, September 23
Time: 4:30-6:00 pm
Weijie Su – University of Pennsylvania

Sam Pimentel – University of California, Berkeley
Local Elasticity: A Phenomenological Approach Toward Understanding Deep Learning

The Uniform General Signed Rank Test and its Design Sensitivity
Wednesday, September 30
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Aaron Roth – University of Pennsylvania
Wednesday, October 7
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Marina Meila – University of Washington
Wednesday, October 14
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Haiyan Huang – University of California, Berkeley
Wednesday, October 21
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Aguêmon Yves Atchadé – Boston University
Wednesday, October 28
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Edgar Dobriban – University of Pennsylvania
Wednesday, November 4
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Giles Hooker – Cornell University
Wednesday, November 18
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Mandy (Mengdi) Wang – Princeton University
Wednesday, December 2
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Francis Diebold – University of Pennsylvania
Wednesday, December 9
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Yao Xie – Georgia Institute of Technology
Wednesday, December 16,
Time: 12:10-1:10 pm
Yilin Wang – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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