Course Requirements for the MBA Major in Statistics

The Statistics Major may be tailored in accordance with student’s interests, which may involve a second major. The Statistics Major requires the core plus 4 CUs of electives. Waiving the Statistics fixed core requirement entirely or placing into and passing STAT 621 fulfills the STAT fixed core requirement for this major. Some courses offered by other departments are permitted (students who wish to include courses from other departments in the major should request permission to include these from the Statistics and Data Science Department advisor and file this permission with the MBA Program Office).

Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis cannot be counted toward the major

The following additional courses beyond STAT 613/621 offered by the Department of Statistics and Data Science are eligible for the major:

STAT 701: Modern Data Mining
STAT 705: Statistical Computing with R
STAT 711: Forecasting Methods for Management
STAT 722: Predictive Analytics for Business
STAT 724: Text Analytics
STAT 770: Data Analytics and Statistical Computing
STAT 776: Applied Probability Models in Marketing
STAT 777: Introduction to Python for Data Science
STAT 853: Actuarial Statistics
STAT 899: Independent Study Project
STAT 920: Sample Survey Methods
STAT 974: Modern Regression for the Social, Behavioral, and Biological Sciences

Link to 900-level doctoral course descriptions:

Advisor for the MBA Major in Statistics: Dr. Richard Waterman (

*The MBA Major in Actuarial Science is separate from the MBA Major in Statistics. For questions about the MBA Major in Actuarial Science, please contact Professor Jean Lemaire (; 215.898.7765).

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