Dean P. Foster

Dean P. Foster
  • Marie and Joseph Melone Professor Emeritus of Statistics

Contact Information

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Research Interests: machine learning, statistical nlp., variable selection

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PhD, University of Maryland, 1988
MSc, Rutgers University, 1984
MA, University of Maryland, 1982
BSc, University of Maryland, 1980

Academic Positions Held

Wharton: 1992-present (named William H. Lawrence Professor, 2007).
Previous appointment: University of Chicago.

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All Courses

  • STAT9910 - Sem in Adv Appl of Stat

    This seminar will be taken by doctoral candidates after the completion of most of their coursework. Topics vary from year to year and are chosen from advance probability, statistical inference, robust methods, and decision theory with principal emphasis on applications.

  • STAT9950 - Dissertation

  • STAT9990 - Independent Study

    Written permission of instructor and the department course coordinator required to enroll.


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