Dean P. Foster

Dean P. Foster
  • Marie and Joseph Melone Professor Emeritus of Statistics

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Research Interests: machine learning, statistical nlp., variable selection

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PhD, University of Maryland, 1988
MSc, Rutgers University, 1984
MA, University of Maryland, 1982
BSc, University of Maryland, 1980

Academic Positions Held

Wharton: 1992-present (named William H. Lawrence Professor, 2007).
Previous appointment: University of Chicago.

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  • STAT9950 - Dissertation

In the News


In the News

Gaming the System: Are Hedge Fund Managers Talented, or Just Good at Fooling Investors?

Hedge funds are key players in the world's financial markets, but no one knows exactly what they're up to. Critics and supporters tend to share an assumption, however, that hedge funds are run by talented people who merit their hefty management fees. But new research by Wharton statistics professor Dean P. Foster and Brookings Institution senior fellow H. Peyton Young questions that idea, arguing that it's easy for hedge funds to fool their investors into believing the managers are better than they really are. The industry "risks being inundated by managers who are gaming the system ... which could ultimately lead to a collapse in investor confidence," they say.Read More

Knowledge at Wharton - 4/2/2008
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