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Can Election Polls Be Trusted?

Predictive analytics are invaluable in business, but they have proven faulty in politics. Wharton’s Abraham (Adi) Wyner shares three reasons why election poll results don’t always match the outcome, especially in presidential races.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2020/09/18
A Breakdown of the Biden Policy Platform: Five Key Takeaways

A Penn Wharton Budget Model analysis of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden’s policy platform finds that his proposals would increase spending over the next decade by $5.37 trillion, but in the long run would reduce the federal debt and boost GDP.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2020/09/15
Employee Engagement: Making a Difference

In this Nano Tool for Leaders® from Wharton Executive Education, Wharton’s Adam Grant sheds light on a powerful way to increase motivation and productivity.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2020/09/15