Course Requirements: MBA Major in Actuarial Science

The major in actuarial science consists of three required courses, one additional course, and an Advanced Study Project.

Three required courses (3 cu) + an advanced study project:

STAT 851 / BEPP 851: Fundamentals of Actuarial Science I
STAT 852 / BEPP 852: Fundamentals of Actuarial Science II
STAT 853 / BEPP 853: Actuarial Statistics
BEPP 890: Advanced Study Project in Actuarial Science

One additional credit from the following (1 cu):

STAT 705: Statistical Computing with R (0.5 CUs)
STAT 711: Forecasting Methods for Management
STAT 722: Predictive Analytics (0.5 CUs)
STAT 770: Data Analytics and Statistical Computing

*Deviations from the above requirements must be approved by the Director of the Actuarial Science Program, Professor Jean Lemaire (; 215.898.7765).

**The MBA Major in Statistics is separate from the MBA Major in Actuarial Science. For questions about the MBA Major in Statistics, please contact Professor Richard Waterman (