Course Requirements: MBA Major in Actuarial Science

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: This major is being discontinued after the 2019-2020 academic year. Only MBA students graduating in 2020 are eligible for this major.

The major in actuarial science consists of three required courses, one additional course, and an Advanced Study Project.

Three required courses (3 cu) + an advanced study project:

STAT 851 / BEPP 851: Fundamentals of Actuarial Science I
STAT 852 / BEPP 852: Fundamentals of Actuarial Science II
STAT 853 / BEPP 853: Actuarial Statistics
BEPP 890: Advanced Study Project in Actuarial Science

One additional credit from the following (1 cu):

STAT 705: Statistical Computing with R (0.5 CUs)
STAT 711: Forecasting Methods for Management
STAT 722: Predictive Analytics (0.5 CUs)
STAT 770: Data Analytics and Statistical Computing

*Deviations from the above requirements must be approved by the Director of the Actuarial Science Program, Professor Jean Lemaire (; 215.898.7765).

**The MBA Major in Statistics is separate from the MBA Major in Actuarial Science. For questions about the MBA Major in Statistics, please contact Professor Richard Waterman (