Dual Master’s Degree in Statistics

The Dual AM Degree in Statistics is offered only to students enrolled in a Ph.D. program other than Statistics at Penn. Please note, students can only pursue ONE research master’s degree en route to their Ph.D. Penn Law, Medicine, Dental, or Vet school students will not be permitted to enroll in the program.  Approvals by the program coordinator and Vice Dean are required prior enrolling in coursework towards the degree. Please see additional information and required forms here: Dual-Masters-Degree-in-Statistics-2018-2019.

The requirements are completion of the following:https://statistics.wharton.upenn.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Dual-Masters-Degree-in-Statistics-2018-2019.docx

(1) Six 500 level or 900 level Statistics Department courses.

(2) Four additional approved Penn courses with statistical content. These can be Statistics Department courses or courses from other departments.

Note: Approval of the student’s list of 10 courses for (1) and (2) is subject to approval of the Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Statistics. **A minimum grade of B- or better is required for each course. Effective 1/16/2017.

(3) An approved master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is a research paper that makes substantial use of statistics and is not part of a student’s dissertation (though it can be related to the dissertation work) or material you completed for a course (though it can build on a paper completed for a course). The thesis can be original research or can be a literature review of some area of statistics related to a student’s research. The thesis must be approved by a standing faculty member in the Statistics Department who has agreed to serve as an adviser for the project.

Advisor for the Dual Master’s in Statistics: Professor Dylan Small (dsmall@wharton.upenn.edu; 215-573-5241).

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