Tat Thang Vo

Tat Thang Vo
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information

  • office Address:

    432-2 Jon M. Huntsman Hall,
    3730 Walnut Street,
    Philadelphia, PA 19104


Tat Thang Vo received his Ph.D. in Biostatistics (2020) from Ghent University, Belgium and Université de Paris, France. He previously graduated as PharmD. (2014) at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam and B.S. in Mathematics (2019) at The Open University, U.K.

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Tat Thang Vo’s research primarily concerns the development of statistical methods for inferring causal effects from pharmacoepidemiological data. He is also interested in applying causal methods in meta-analysis and mediation analysis.

Awards and Honors

Third prize, TEDxGhent Research Rally 2019
Norman Breslow Award, Statistics in Epidemiology Section, American Statistical Association, 2019
Student Conference Award, International Society of Clinical Biostatistics, 2018


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