Saeed Sharifi-Malvajerdi

Saeed Sharifi-Malvajerdi
  • PhD Student

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    451 Jon M. Huntsman Hall
    3730 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research Interests: Fairness in Machine Learning, Private Data Analysis, Statistical Learning Theory

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Past Courses


    Introduction to concepts in probability. Basic statistical inference procedures of estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing directed towards applications in science and medicine. The use of the JMP statistical package. Knowledge of high school algebra is required for this course.


Latest Research

Saeed Sharifimalvajerdi, Feiyu Zhu, Colin B. Fogarty, Michael P. Fay, Rick M. Fairhurst, Jennifer A. Flegg, Kasia Stepniewska, Dylan Small (2019), Malaria Parasite Clearance Rate Regression: an R Software Package for a Bayesian Hierarchical Regression Model, Malaria Journal, 18 (4).
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