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Kevin Lin
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

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How Jazz Can Unlock Your Team’s Next Breakthrough

“Generative conversations,” in which multiple perspectives are integrated to kindle new solutions, are a powerful way to address the complex challenges facing organizations. Experts from Wharton and SEB explain the neuroscience behind why they work. Read More

Knowledge @ Wharton - 1/27/2023
Why Older Americans Regret Not Saving Early and Enough

Financial literacy and greater longevity awareness will help fix retirement planning gaps, according to a study that delved into multiple dimensions of undersaving.Read More

Knowledge @ Wharton - 1/23/2023
How Sunk Costs Affect Firms’ Investment Decisions

Research by Wharton’s Marius Guenzel provides evidence that companies systematically fail to ignore “sunk costs” in losing ventures, which leads to significant investment distortions.Read More

Knowledge @ Wharton - 1/23/2023