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Linda Zhao

Professor of Statistics

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After getting her Ph.D in Mathematics/Statistics from Cornell University , Linda taught in UCLA, Los Angeles for one year. She joined the Wharton School in 1994. She obtained a BS degree from the Mathematics department of Nankai University, China.

Linda’s research area covers from Beysian analysis, Nonparametric analysis and Numerical computation. She mainly publishes in international leading journals. Current on going projects include forecasting house prices, inference for high dimensional data, data with measurement errors and post model selection inferences. Linda also enjoys teaching very much.

Selected Publications

Zhao, L. H. (2000) Bayesian aspects of some nonparametric problems, The Annals of Statistics, 28, 532--552

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Brown, L. D., Wang, Y. and Zhao, L. H. (2003) On the statistical equivalence at suitable frequencies of GARCH and stochastic volatility models with the corresponding diffusion model, Statistica Sinica, 993-1013

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Cai, T., Low, M. and Zhao, L.H. (2007) Trade-offs between global and local risks in nonparametric function estimation, Bernoulli, 13, 1-19

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