Course Requirements: University Minor in Actuarial Mathematics

The Actuarial Mathematics Minor is ending. Only students currently enrolled at UPenn and graduating in May 2023 at the latest will be able to concentrate (or minor) in Actuarial Science.

Required Courses (5 CU):

MATH 240 – Calculus, Part III or MATH 260 – Honors Calculus, Part II
MATH 320 – Computer Methods in Mathematical Science I or MATH 530 – Mathematics of Finance
STAT 430 – Probability
STAT 431 – Mathematical Statistics
STAT 451 / BEPP 451 – Fundamentals of Actuarial Science I

Electives (3 CU):

STAT 405: Statistical Computing with R (0.5 CUs)
STAT 422: Predictive Analytics (0.5 CUs)
STAT 433: Stochastic Processes
STAT 435: Forecasting Methods for Management
STAT 452 / BEPP 452: Fundamentals of Actuarial Science II
STAT 453 / BEPP 453: Actuarial Statistics
STAT 470: Data Analytics and Statistical Computing
STAT 471: Modern Data Mining

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*Deviations from the above requirements must be approved by the Director of the Actuarial Science Program, Professor Jean Lemaire (; 215.898.7765).

*Changes in the mathematics requirements of the University Minor in Actuarial Mathematics must be approved by the Undergraduate Chairman of the Mathematics Department, Professor Tony Pantev (

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